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Amazon Trails Jungle Tour
4 days, 3 nights

Explore the ecological community of Puerto Nariño, a vehicle free town and a beautiful commercial and cultural center. Visit Natutama Foundation for a presentation on the animal world in the Amazon River and hike the hilly jungle to Wochine Reserve to see the pirarucu (largest Amazon fish species). At night time, take an adventurous hike to see insects. Visit the indigenous communities of Tarapoto and San Antonio (Peru) to meet the locals, eat in their homes, allow them to guide you into the jungle, and see sloths, piranhas, caimans, pink and gray dolphins in the wild, learn about the Tikuna culture and the ceiba and hojé trees with enormous roots. Spend your night in the traditional cabin of the indigenous community of Tarapoto and in the Paiyu cabins in Puerto Nariño. 


1 person: please contact us 

2 people: 1 900 000 pesos per person

3 people: 1 800 000 pesos per person

4 people: 1 700 000 pesos per person

5 people: 1 600 000 pesos per person

6 people: 1 400 000 pesos per person



***Boats travel from Leticia to Puerto Nariño at 7:00am, 9:00am, 12:00pm and 2:00pm, so the itinerary can be adapted depending on your time of arrival

  • 6:15am: one of our coordinators in Leticia will pick you up from your hotel 

  • 7:00am you will take the speedboat 2 hours up the Amazon River to Puerto Nariño, where you will meet your guide

  • Enjoy breakfast in the town 

  • Put on your boots and go on a hike in hilly jungle to visit Wochine Reserve, where you will see the pirarucu, the largest fish species in the Amazon, as well as caimans, dragonfish, and turtles

  • Return to Puerto Nariño for lunch 

  • Visit Natutama Foundation for a cultural exhibition of the Tikuna tribe, to learn about the animals that live under the Amazon River

  • Visit Alto del Aguila, a place in the jungle where you can see and interact with wild squirrel monkeys, titi (lion) monkeys, and macaws

  • Dinner in Puerto Nariño 

  • Once night falls, go on a night hike in the jungle to look for scorpions, tarantulas, poisonous frogs and insects

  • Return to Puerto Nariño to spend the night in the Hotel (private rooms and bathrooms, no hot shower water)


  • Breakfast in Puerto Nariño 

  • Take a smaller, private boat on smaller rivers that branch out to the Amazon River to the indigenous community by Lake Tarapoto, while looking for birds and pink and gray dolphins on the way

  • Enter Lake Tarapoto, finally reaching the indigenous community to meet your local guide

  • Leave your things in the traditional cabin 

  • From June to December dry season: go on a jungle hike in flat land to see the ceiba tree, the largest tree species in the Amazon and learn about the Tikuna legend associated with this unforgettable tree

  • From December to June rainy season: canoe trip through flooded jungle to see the ceiba tree, the largest tree species in the Amazon and learn about the Tikuna legend associated with this unforgettable tree

  • Return to your cabin to rest

  • Go out by boat to Lake Tarapoto to learn traditional fishing techniques to fish piranhas, sardines and other fish (please know fishing is much easier during the dry season from June to December, and you may not catch any fish during the rainy season from December to June).

  • Enjoy a refreshing swim in the lake and take in the beautiful sunset 

  • Caiman safari when it gets dark of about 1 hour by boat to look for caimans’ yellow or red eyes and learn about this fascinating species

  • Return to the community for dinner in a family home, cooked by mothers of the community

  • Spend the night in the traditional cabin by Lake Tarapoto, in beds with mosquito nets (very simple accommodation, no electricity, shared bathroom). 



  • Return to Puerto Nariño for breakfast 

  • Cross over the Amazon River by boat to visit the indigenous community of San Antonio, Peru, this is another chance to see pink and gray dolphins 

  • Meet your local Peruvian indigenous guide and go on a jungle walk to look for wild sloths

  • Lunch 

  • A 25-minute boat ride to the Tuirupu Jungle Trail, where you will go on a jungle hike in hilly jungle with an expert local guide to learn about medicinal plants and trees 

  • Return to Puerto Nariño for dinner

  • Spend the night in your Hotel in Puerto Nariño (private rooms and bathrooms, simple accommodation, no hot shower water) 

  • From July to December: you have the option of spending the night in hammocks on a campsite on the Tuirupu Jungle Trail, for an additional cost of 200 000 pesos per group


  • Breakfast in Puerto Nariño 

  • Go out by boat for another chance to see pink and gray dolphins in the Amazon River, their natural habitat.

  • Then travel by boat to the nearby Lake Yolvino to look for wild sloths, birds, and iguanas in their natural habitats. *During rainy season (December to June) you will also use traditional canoes to paddle by the river and into the flooded jungle. 

  • Return to Puerto Nariño for lunch 

  • Climb the lookout tower in Puerto Nariño for a panoramic view of the Amazon River and jungle

  • Try delicious homemade ice cream made from Amazonian fruits 

  • 3:30pm: take the speed boat back to Leticia, the tour ends at 5:30pm

  • One of our team members will pick you up at the port of Leticia, and take you to the center of Leticia

  • End of tour

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