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Image by Su San Lee



  • hand flashlight, head flashlight and/or scorpion flashlight

  • rain poncho

  • mosquito repellent 

  • sunscreen

  • sun hat/cap

  • water bottle to refill

  • binoculars

  • camera

  • small backpack to carry things

  • flip-flops, sneakers (we will lend you boots for walking in the jungle)

  • sweater or light jacket (sometimes it can get cold at night)

  • long pants for walking in the jungle (loose pants are better to make it harder for mosquitoes to bite you


  • hotel pick-up on first day of tour

  • accommodation

  • all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) during the tour

  • fresh water

  • a personal guide and additional guides from the indigenous communities

  • tourism taxes to enter the communities

  • all activities

  • hiking boots to walk in the jungle

  • travel insurance

  • transportation by public speedboat (Puerto Nariño - Leticia)

  • private boat transportation in a smaller boat during the tour


  • flights to and from Leticia

  • tourism tax at the airport

  • airport transfers (unless you arrive on the same day the tour starts)

  • accommodation before and after the tour

  • alcohol

  • rain ponchos, binoculars, clothes

  • snacks


  • To book your tour, please check with us first to see if your dates are available for a tour and to confirm your itinerary. You can reach us by WhatsApp or email. We will send you an invoice request to make your deposit to finalize the reservation, this deposit will go toward your total tour payment.

  • If you're paying in cash, we recommend that you withdraw/exchange cash BEFORE arriving in Leticia. Please be aware that ATMs in Leticia have limits for withdrawing money and some cards from abroad do not work, also exchanging foreign money can be complicated because currency exchange stores only accept bills in perfect condition.


  • You will always have a place to leave your luggage (the hotel, cabin or our office) and take only whatever is necessary for the daily excursions

  • ​Our tours are usually private, you are free to choose your 2 to 6 day jungle tour and let us know when you plan to arrive in Leticia so we can arrange airport pick up. One of our team members will pick you up at the airport, with a sign with your name on it.

  • You can arrive the day before the tour and start the next day, in this case we will pick you up at 6:15am at your hotel and take you to the Port of Leticia to take the speedboat at 7:00am on the beautiful Amazon River from Leticia to Puerto Nariño (2-3 hours boat ride).

  • If you wish to start your tour the same day of your arrival, be sure to land in Leticia before 11:00am, a team member will pick you up and transfer you to the port of Leticia to take the speedboat to Puerto Nariño and start the tour.

  • Puerto Nariño, often called "the natural cradle of Colombia", is a small ecological town, completely pedestrian and vehicle-free. It is a center of commerce and culture in the middle of the Colombian Amazon rainforest, surrounded by numerous indigenous communities and directly on the border with the Peruvian Amazon. Here is where you will meet your guide and take a small private boat to reach the communities and enter the jungle.


  • ​The only way to travel to Leticia is by plane from Bogota or Medellin, there are no roads or buses to Leticia due to the dense jungle.

  • During the tour, all transportation is by boat. To begin the tour, you will take a 2-hour trip in a speedboat on the grand Amazon River from Leticia to Puerto Nariño, where you will meet your guide.

  • From Puerto Nariño to the indigenous communities, you will take a private boat along smaller rivers and lakes that branch out into the Amazon River.


  • ​Accommodation is included during your tour. We collaborate with several hotels in the region and with indigenous communities that open their doors to travelers who want to spend the night. These include Hotel Manguare and Hotel Waira in Puerto Nariño. We also collaborate with the indigenous community of Tarapoto where you can stay overnight in the traditional cabin of their community, next to the beautiful Tarapoto Lake. During the dry season (June - December), you have the option to sleep in a jungle camp in hammocks or tent along the Tuirupu trail in the jungle near the indigenous community of San Francisco.

  • Photos of Tarapoto Cabin:


  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included during the tour. Meals include typical food from the region: fresh fish, chicken, local fruit, yucca, farinha, fish soup, patacón, plantains, chaufa rice, beans, lentils and more. Local fruit juice: lulo juice, copoazú, arazá, starfruit, pineapple, guava and others. We will provide fresh water during the tour. Alcohol is not included. We can adapt the meals if you are vegetarian, vegan or have a gluten free or keto diet.


  • ​You will have a personal guide during your tour. All our guides are local and speak Spanish and some indigenous languages. We also have guides that speak English and English-Spanish interpreters for tours in English. You will also meet additional guides in the indigenous communities who will assist the main guide in the jungle. Our guides are all local, responsible, respectful, trained in rescue and emergency situations, have ancestral knowledge, and at least 8 years experience guiding travelers in the Amazon Rainforest.


  • ​It is hot and humid all year round, but the rainforest trees make the heat less dry and intense compared to the Colombian coast. The rainy season runs from December to June, and the dry season from June to November. Please bring rain ponchos during the rainy season. Please note that hot water in the showers in the Amazon is not common.

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